smith family photoI’m 29 years old today. Wow. It’s really not that big of a number but just thinking of all the things I have experienced, witnessed and lived through over those 29 years makes it seem so much grander. So, today, as I sit at my kitchen table at my computer typing this while holding and nursing my littlest one I want to reflect on the things I’m most grateful for. So here they are.. in no particular order.


  1. Health. Without my health I would not be able to fully enjoy this life of mine. Not to say I wouldn’t enjoy it if I wasn’t healthy but it does make it easier and reminds me to be grateful because it could be worse. 
  2. Faith. I’m grateful for being given this life by my Creator and to enjoy the beauty, harmony and connectedness of this mysteriously beautiful Universe.
  3. My husband. Marriage is full of ups and downs but at the end of the day I know I am completely and whole heartedly loved by my husband – whom I love completely. Thanks for the delicious birthday breakfast 🙂
  4. My children. Oh, my, where do I start? I never new the depths of love that one can feel until I held my first born. Then after the birth of my second I discovered a Mother’s heart is bottomless in the amount love, caring and complete and utter infatuation it can feel for another being. That is just a glimpse of the joy I feel as their mother.
  5. Naptime. Yes, even though I’m totally and completely in love with my children – sometimes Mama needs a break! It’s also very demanding and selfless work being a mother. 
  6. Good friends. My real friends know everything about me and still love me. And most importantly, they love me and want me to live an amazing, happy life.
  7. My family. I’m blessed to have family all over the U.S. From the East Coast to the West Coast. Each and every one of them is different and unique in their own way and I love them for it.
  8. My parents. Without my parents, I obviously wouldn’t be here and I’m thankful for that. Most, importantly I’m grateful for the fact they always have my back, they always love me and they want the best for me. They also make pretty great grandparents 🙂
  9. Learning from mistakes. If I never made mistakes, I wouldn’t have learned so much.
  10. My love of learning. I really like to learn things – I could read all day everyday about health, spirituality and all things “holistic” and never get bored.
  11. Mother Earth. I’m grateful for the trees, animals, oceans, mountains, desserts, rivers, plants, birds and all wonderful things I get to enjoy on this beautiful earth.
  12. Sunshine. For light, warmth and its ray that awaken and give life.
  13. The Moon. For giving rhythm to our days, weeks, months and seasons.
  14. Seasons. I love living where I get to experience every season. My favorite season is coming up – Autumn! 
  15. Laughter. That wonderful sound. Especially the kind that make your face hurt and your abs sore.
  16. Fresh air. To breathe deeply.
  17. Clean water. To replenish my body.
  18. Pain. Without pain I would not be able to fully appreciate joy and happiness.
  19. Dark Chocolate. Need I say more?
  20. Air Conditioning. It was really hot this Summer and I am very thankful we were able to stay cool inside of our home.
  21. Diversity. Being different is wonderful.
  22. Music. For the way it makes me feel. How it lifts me up when I need it to and helps me relax and maybe cry when I need it.
  23. Books. Reading is such a wonderful thing. It can broaden your perspective, enliven your imagination and expand your consciousness.
  24. Nourishment. In all of it’s forms. Whether it be food, relationships, experiences – all the things that light me up and give me life.
  25. The soothing smell of lavender. My absolute favorite.
  26. Conversations that make me think. 
  27. Yoga. Stretching, relaxing and invigorating my body so my mind can clear and I can heighten my awareness.
  28. This Life. This crazy, beautiful, wonderful life of mine.
  29. Dreams. The ability to dream as big as I want. Nothing is unattainable if you can dream it.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope this post made you smile, think and remember all the things you are grateful for. I would love to hear some of the things you are grateful for, too!

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