Let 2014 be the year you (finally) take control of your health! Learn what foods work best for YOU because everyone is different. Get the support, accountability and information your need to make lasting changes. This is NOT A DIET. You’re going to learn the essential tips, tools and strategies needed to become your healthiest self!
eat clean get lean



Week 1: 5 Day Cleanse

Week 2: All About Greens + How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

Week 3: How & Why To Balance Your Blood Sugar

Week 4: How To Reduce Inflammation

Week 5: Gut Health – Are Probiotics Nessessary?

Week 6: Is Fat Friend or Foe?

Week 7: How To Eat Healthy In Any Situation

Week 8: Healthy Home – How Toxins Are Making Us Fat

Week 9: Mind Body Connection

Week 10: Grains – The Good & The Bad

Week 11: Eat Your Sea Vegetables

Week 12: Final Weigh-In + Celebration


February 3 – April 21st

Registration now closes Jan 31st

Email me to sign up. This is a local program. If you live elsewhere and want to join in on the fun email me and we’ll work something out 🙂  kaseyjsmith[at]gmail.com