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I’m going gluten-free in April, and I want you to join me and Rebekah Borucki of BexLife.

I’m challenging each and every one of you to go gluten-free with me (the right way) in April.

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Even if you don’t have a gluten allergy or known gluten sensitivity, the fact remains that gluten probably isn’t good for your system. It clogs up your works and prevents your body from releasing toxins effectively. Over time, it creates a nightmare situation that’s hard to pinpoint and even harder to fix.

BUT you’re going to take this challenge and get back on a path to total health.

AND you’re going to love every minute of it (because we’ll be like best friends having the most fun ever).

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Gluten-Free Challenge - Bexlife

Remember to use #GlutenFreeApril on Instagram, so we can find each other. 

How awesome is it to get healthy together?




PS – Watch out for new healthy challenges all year long. I’ll send you a quick note each time a new one starts. I’m positive this is going to be our healthiest, happiest year yet!