Isn’t that the truth. Waiting around for the right time or perfect weather or right circumstances never got anyone anywhere. What excuses are holding you back?


“I’ll eat healthier tomorrow.”


“I’ll start working out next week.”


“I’ll go to bed earlier tomorrow night.”


“When I have the extra cash I’ll buy healthier/better quality food.”


“I’m a new mom – I don’t need to take care of myself; I have a tiny person that needs me.”


“I should stay at my boring desk job because it’s a guaranteed paycheck – I shouldn’t follow my dreams.”



Do any of those sound familiar? They do to me cause I’ve thought or said each of them at some point. Seeing this picture inspired me. It got me thinking. You can’t wait for the perfect conditions because they might never happen. You have to start NOW. You have to go out and do it and stop making excuses.

If you want to get in shape, lose some weight or take some time for yourself – start now! You’re worth it to let yourself achieve your goals whether they be physical, financial, spiritual, etc.


You deserve to feel good about yourself.

You deserve to have a break.

You deserve to follow your dreams.

You deserve to live your best life cause you only get one.


What excuses have you been making? What can you do this very moment to stop the excuses and start reaching your goal(s)?

No matter what it is – do it! You deserve it!


With Love,