my transformation


I’m excited to share with you a really big project I’m working on. It’s going to be quite the undertaking but I’m ready for the challenge.

Here are a few things I’ll be working on:

1. Ramping up my nutrition. Eating more fresh raw green foods – bring on the green smoothies and green juices! Changing up my supplement ritual – adding in more purified fish oil, Vitamin D and a multi-vitamin with more of what I need. Drinking more water is a must.

2. Taking it easy. I’ve been doing well with this one so far. Relaxing and getting my sleep has been wonderful. Napping doesn’t really happen with my energetic two year old but relaxing and taking it easy hasn’t been a problem.

3. Focus on my weight. Yep, I’m actually going to weigh myself every month or so. But instead of losing pounds I’m actually looking to gain a few – or a lot!

Would you like to follow me on this transformative journey? Are you ready to watch me GROW ANOTHER BABY?!  Mr. Smith, Bridger and I are SUPER excited to announce another baby is on it’s way! Expected to arrive in late September 2014.

my little valentine


Stay tuned for more posts on how to naturally increase your fertility, optimal prenatal nutrition and supplementation, recipes and much much more! I’m thinking of doing a pregnancy vlog as well to really get personal and let you come along this journey with us.

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Thanks for joining me – I can’t wait to share my journey with you!