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4star-kaseysmithMy mission? To empower women to live a life that is full of health, happiness, and abundance. 

I believe in the importance of wellness, living passionately by design, and that each and every person on this earth can create their ideal life and business while changing the world for the better.

My name is Kasey J. Smith and I am a board certified holistic health coach, mama of two and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I had the wonderful privilege of being behind-the-scenes during the creation of the most phenomenal and most nutritious dietary supplement line on the market.

I am thrilled about the quality and attention to detail that went into making this line.

If you’re anything like me you are a stickler for ingredients and quality. If you’ve been looking for an additional income stream for your health coaching practice chances are you’ve either tried working with a network marketing company or have seriously considered it. 

The issue I had in the past was finding a product line that was in alignment with my beliefs as a holistic health coach. The product needed to contain clean, real food ingredients, had to taste great and needed to be at a price point I felt comfortable recommending to my clients.


Last year, I had the privilege of being part of a focus group of health and wellness professionals for a nutrition line in-the-making. 

I’ll be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with actually being part of the company or just part ways when they no longer needed us. However, throughout the process, I got to see how dedicated this company and the people behind it were at making sure it delivered on every angle – ingredients, taste, quality, and price. I realized I HAD to be part of this company and their vision.

This is what I had been waiting for.

I am so thrilled that I get to be part of this amazing company. I have the pleasure of recommending superior products to my clients that I know will benefit them greatly. Plus, I get to support my families health with clean, real food nutrition. 

And guess what? This is only the beginning! 

Life’s Abundance has been in business for over 17 years selling top quality pet food, non-toxic cleaning products, and ultra-refined fish oil. In February 2016, they launched a brand new line of non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free nutrition products for people formulated by celebrity nutritionist, Keri Glassman, founder and president of Nutritious Life.

You may have seen Keri making her rounds on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood Live, The View, The Talk, The Chew, The Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show, The Wendy Williams Show, The Steve Harvey Show, MSNBC, CNN and HLN… just to name a few big giant TV shows.


Clean + Whole Food Nutrition Line



  • Plant-Based Protein made from pea, chia, pumpkin, hemp, and quinoa powders.
  • Greens Blend made from raw and organic greens (wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella alfalfa, and barley grasses) and organic mushrooms. 
  • Multivitamin containing all the nutrients you need, plus an additional spice blend “boost.” 
  • Antioxidant and Mineral Drink made with an organic coconut water base, aloe vera juice, and sea minerals. 
  • Probiotic for overall gut health, with a patented strain that is proven to aid in digestion. 
  • Omega-3 made from pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, which has consistently received top rating for quality, concentration, and purity. 

    The complete line is:

    • Non-GMO • Vegan (except fish oil) • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Dairy Free • Grain free • No Added Sugar • No Artificial Flavors • No Artificial Preservatives • No Artificial Colors

    .. and most importantly – taste delicious!

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How It Works

When you partner with me, I train you how to build the best business that you can. You’ll get access to the most nutritious wellness products to use yourself and sell to your clients, helping to enhance your business and, in turn, enhance their lives.

It’s a win-win like no other.

If you’re wondering why I’m willing to help you do all of this for free—don’t worry, there’s no catch. I do it because I’m so passionate about helping others live their most nutritious life, so the more I can help spread the word, the better.

When I help you sell products from my product partner, you aren’t the only one who earns—I do, too. But I don’t get paid unless you get paid, so I’m fully vested in your success.

What You Get:

Exclusive training on building a thriving residual income.

Residual (aka recurring) income is the heart of my business philosophy—it’s about leveraging technology and the right tools to dramatically increase your income, and keep it coming month-after-month. When you become my partner, you’ll receive full-on training on how to do just that, so you can focus your time and energy where you want to—not where you “have” to. 

Have a business that fits your life, on your own terms.

It’s your business; I’m just here for guidance. You work where, when, and how you want. Generally, if you put in a little bit of work, you’ll earn a little bit of income. If you put in more work, your earnings will increase. You can build your business part-time or full-time; it’s totally up to you.

Access to my team’s monthly Mastermind & Leadership Call.

Join my monthly brainstorming & leadership conference call where we share ideas, motivation, and experiences. Each call is recorded for you to listen later if the call time doesn’t work for you.

A path to becoming your most healthy, vibrant self.

You’ll learn how to become the healthiest you’ve even been with our training, support, and high-quality supplements and products. Have kids? You’re little ones are going to LOVE our protein, greens blend, and antioxidant drink – Mamas rejoice!

Connection to a network of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Expand your current network to find new ideas and motivation for your business. You’ll be connected to new people and brands with opportunities for guest blog posting, interviews, and cross-promoting your business.

Partnering with me is for you if:

  • You’re a Health Coach looking to make a thriving, full-time income in your practice
  • You’re a business professional looking to be in business for yourself
  • You want to create or increase your residual income
  • You want to expand your current wellness business, or start one from scratch
  • You want to provide your clientele with top-notch wellness products, education, and support
  • You believe in abundance and prosperity
  • You’re looking for an additional stream of income with a purposeful, passionate business model
  • You want to partner with ethical, highly-successful, wellness-minded entrepreneurs

My partner community will provide you the mentorship, training, and team support to make it all possible.

Additional bonuses for joining my team:

  • Enrollment in all of my seasonal cleanses like my Summer Detox
  • Referral Program – if you refer someone to my online program and they purchase a product bundle, you’ll receive the commission!
  • Done-for-you opt-In freebies for your blog/website/social media accounts to build your email list with your very own custom product links.
    • like my Green Smoothies for Kids! ebook & 7-Day Smoothie Challenge ebook
  • More to come!

Email me at to get started working on OUR success today!


My 4 year old son calls this his "Hulk Juice" and loves it! It's so delicious and nutrient packed - definitely a must-have for picky eaters!

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Team Diamond Mine is a network of ambitious wellness professionals creating a new way to grow and thrive in the world of wellness and clean nutrition.

Phenomenal products.

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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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IMPORTANT: At this time, this opportunity is open to U.S. residents only. U.S. military members and their families may also apply.