This pasta salad is perfect for when you’re crunched for time or you’re just having one of those days where you don’t feel like cooking. Which is exactly why I made this – I really didn’t feel like cooking lunch today. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I might end up going to the deli, eating out or even getting something at a fast food joint. This recipe is a healthy alternative to either one of those and it’s simple and tasty.

This is more of a serving suggestion than an actual recipe. Basically, use whatever you have on hand. This is meant to be simple and quick using whatever you have in your fridge and pantry. Get creative!

pasta salad

Peace Goddess Pasta Salad

  • Leftover Annie’s Organic Peace Pasta & Parmesan Macaroni & Cheese (you can use any brand or just plain cooked pasta)
  • Chopped green leaf lettuce (or romaine or spinach – whatever you have on hand)
  • Chopped roma tomato
  • Annie’s Goddess salad dressing (a tahini based dressing)
  • Optional add-ins:
    • green peas
    • real bacon bits
    • sunflower seeds
    • black olives
    • diced grilled chicken
    • canned tuna (preferably chunk light – it has lower levels of mercury than albacore)
    • beans


Mix it all together and BAM lunch is ready!