Thank You & Welcome to the Wholistic Mineral Balancing Program!

I will send your test kit out in the mail within 24 hours of receipt of payment (except Sundays — if you place an order late on Saturday it will go out first thing Monday am). Please contact me ASAP if your mailing address is different that what is listed via your Paypal account. Also, please contact me if you are using a different email address than what your Paypal account is connected to. Once you’ve sent your hair sample in, it can take up to two weeks to get the results back. I will contact you once I receive them to schedule a time for our phone consultation.

Residents of New York state scroll to the bottom of this page for shipping instructions.


Kasey J. Smith, CHHC |


Here is what I’ll need from you prior to our consultation call:

Click here to sign the online disclaimer form. Your consult can not be booked until this is signed and submitted.

Follow this link for a video demonstrating how to take a sample from someone with long hair and this one for a video demonstrating how to take a sample from someone with short hair.

CLICK HERE to download the full step-by-step process for in-person and long distance clients.


What You Can Expect From Your Hair Analysis Consult:

  1. Once your lab results come in, I will be in touch to schedule your call.
  2. A full report from me to explain your results and to give you a protocol to follow prior to your scheduled call.
  3. A 1-Hour Consult to go over your basic health concerns, health history, results and supplement game plan.
  4. Two follow-up consultations so that we may go over your progress, any diet changes, and make any needed supplement additions or corrections. During these consultations, we will continue to tailor your approach TO YOU so that you get optimum results.
  5. 2–3 months of email/text support for basic questions regarding your individual program.

Notes On Taking A Proper Hair Sample:

  1. For dyed or treated hair, wait 4-6 weeks after the time of the treatment before taking a sample to submit to the lab. If your hair grows very slowly it could take a bit longer.
  2. If you have a water softener please shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo and rinse with DISTILLED water (NOT the water from your home) and repeat the shampoo and distilled water rinse a second time.
  3. Do not use any form of Head & Shoulders or Selsun Blue Shampoo before taking your sample (including generic brands of dandruff shampoo). They contain elements that will alter your hair analysis results. If you have used either of these products wash your hair at least three separate times with a clarifying shampoo before collecting your hair sample.
  4. Avoid taking a sample of sweaty hair or hair that was submerged in an Epsom salts bath or in any substance that could skew the reading. Basic natural shampoos are best.
  5. Long Distance Clients: Lastly, consider tracking your hair sample envelope to the lab, several people have had theirs lost on the way and it may be worth it to track. Just a suggestion.  

Residents of New York state: You will need to mail your hair sample to my address and I will need to submit your sample for you. The lab does not take samples mailed in from the state of New York. If you mail it in from NY, it will be returned to you. Please send contact me to request my mailing address at

Refund Policy: If for whatever reason you decide you no longer want to proceed with the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test and Consultation — I offer partial refunds taking $10 shipping/handling/processing into account. I also require that you send the hair test kit back to me via mail before I can complete your refund. Simply contact me as soon as possible — Once you have sent the hair test into the lab I cannot offer a refund.

Replacements Kits: If you lose your test kit and need me to ship you a new kit, it will require a $10 replacement fee.

No Shows: If you miss your scheduled consult time, you may reschedule if you contact me within 24 hours. Protocols will not be released without a scheduled consult. If you miss your consult or do not schedule one and contact me after 3 months, you will need to redo the test as well as pay for it.

HTMA Expiration: One year from the date of purchase.