It’s been a while since I first posted the news of my Total Body Transformation Project. Well, I’m glad to announce it’s going very well and much smoother once I got past week 14. The first trimester is always full of fun and surprises. I was exhausted, nauseous and had a intense aversion to food smells. I apologize to my family for the many nights they went without a real meal for dinner. I was just so tired and cooking did not sound like a fun thing to be around. Luckily, that’s all in the past and I’ve gained back my energy and appetite… and a few pounds 😉 

So I have another big announcement..

its a boy

Yep! We’re adding another boy to the Smith clan! We’re super excited and couldn’t be happier.

Time to start stocking up on baby essentials! You’d think we’d have everything we needed considering we already have a son. However, after moving across the country three times since Bridger was born we’ve either given away, donated or sold everything baby related we had except for a few nursery items and baby clothes I kept at my parents house. Something I’ve learned along the way is what’s necessary and what’s a waste of money when it comes to what a baby really needs. I’ll make a separate post on my opinion of baby basics and essentials later on.

Baby Facts:

So, I’m 23 weeks – over halfway to the due date! I’m in an odd place of can’t-wait-to-hold-the-baby and wanting to savor every moment of the wonders and joy of being pregnant. I think most Moms can relate to that feeling.

The baby should weigh about a pound now and is the size of an eggplant. The main focus for the development is adding on a good layer of fat! In four weeks the baby will have doubled in weight – good thing I’m not doing the same! 😉 The baby’s hearing is developing and the blood vessels in it’s lungs are forming to prepare for breathing. How amazing!

Oh, and this is one active little baby. He has some strong kicks – very much like his brother. I’m in for it when he starts crawling/walking/running. It all happens so quickly you might as well group it together.

Prenatal Nutrition:

Since my appetite is back in full force I’ve been adding as much nutritious food as I possibly can. But don’t get me wrong – a good burger and fries is also a favorite of mine this time around. I can’t say I really have any cravings.. I just like to eat!

To cram in lots of green leafy veggies and good fruits I have at least one green smoothie or one green juice everyday (ok, most days – I’m not perfect). I guess I do crave some foods. Sometimes it’s a big crunchy salad and since it’s hot outside lots of juicy melon and fruit is another thing I find myself craving. Cantaloupe is a favorite – just split it open, scoop out the seeds and viola! You’re own fruit bowl.

Supplementing is very important. I take a high-quality, GMO-free prenatal multivitamin/mineral, vitamin D, fish oil and a chewable calcium/magnesium supplement (great for heartburn, too)  Taking the cheapest prenatal you can find at Target is not the way to go with supplementation – especially during pregnancy. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements and manufactures often use the cheapest possible ingredients (like vitamin C derived from GMO corn) to use in their products. You can buy a bushel of vitamin C for $40 or $400 – guess which one they’re probably using?

They also rarely contain the actual amount of the vitamin or mineral as what the label says on the bottle. Again, it’s not regulated so there’s no mandatory testing to test the accuracy, safety and purity. I did my research years ago and found a company that makes the best, high-quality, safest and purest supplements on the market. You can email me if you’d like to learn more about them or to order. 


So tell me…

Did you experience any morning sickness or fatigue with your pregnancy?

What food cravings, if any, have you had/did you have?


I’d love to hear your responses in the comments below!


Peace + Love + Babies